Banana Mug Cake with Quattro Icing

What do YOU eat after a workout??? 

I EAT CAKE and ICING… It’s no big deal really…..


I found the base recipe for this baby on ( if you havent visited her site… You should)

The recipe is below:

3 Tbsp flour( I used whole wheat)

1 packet Stevia

pinch Salt

pinch Baking Powder

pinch BULLETPROOF  UPGRADED VANILLA powder ( You can use vanilla extract as well)

*In seprate bowl

Mash 1/2 banana and add 1-2Tbsp water

Combine wet and dry and mix well ( you may need to add a bit of water so the mixture isn’t TOO thick)
In a slightly greased mug, place mixture inside and microwave 60-75 seconds. ( I am not big on microwaves, and if you rather avoid them you can bake this in a ramekin – length of time unknown, The origional recipe says 14 min @350.

Remove from heat and flip onto small plate.


1/2 mashed banana

1/2 scoop Vanilla or Chocolate Quattro – Found at

1 packet Stevia

water or almond milk to create desired icing texture

Macros in Cake ( with Icing)

28g Carb

18g Pro

.5g Fat