Candy Cane Crusted Fudge Bites

I had a few hours off from the gym today and I felt VERY inspired to do some Christmas treats up for my friends and family for the Holiday, and for whatever reason wanted to invole Candy Canes and I am simply OBSESSED with fresh Medjool Dates and so I combines them…. Here ya go

candy cane fudge


6-7 Pitted (fresh is best) Medjool Dates

1.5C Pecans

4Tbsp Cocoa

splash water


In a food processor, combine the above until you create a crumbly crust.

Add in as many crushed up candy canes as your heart desires:)


I used my cute handy Epicure sheet to form rectangular bite sized fudge but use what you have, even a cake pan.

Press the crust into the bottom,smoothing out the top.

Place in freezer for 20-30 minutes while you make the fudge.


6-7 Pitted Medjool Dates

2Tbsp Nut Butter ( I used Adams Peanut Butter)

1/4C Coconut Egg Nog ( or milk of choice, water would also work)

In food processor, blend everything together until creamy and smooth.

Layer this delightful mixture on top of your crust and add remaining crushed candy canes and re freeze.

Macros: NO CLUE, but 1-2 is a nice treat:)

Dates are high carb, Nuts and nut butter are high fat, but all QUALITY ingredients and so have no fear, your body will know what to do with the calories you get from these babies:)


Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones