Thanksgiving Workout

I know that there will be a LOT of delicious food eaten over this holiday weekend, so what better way to prep yourself, than a killer full body metabolic workout... *FROM TOP TO BOTTOM*  Aprox time … [Read more...]

Heart Healthy Fudge

This delightful treat is not only DELICIOUS, but its HEALTHY too....... I first found this with thanks to the lovely people at I have changed it slightly and will give you both … [Read more...]

Chocolate Banana Whip

HEALTHY . QUICK . SIMPLE . DELISH   INGREDIENTS : 1 BANANA 1/8 C COCOA 1.5Tbsp COCONUT OIL 1 pkg STEVIA SPLASH VANILLA (mint can be substituted)   * using your blender or food processor.....whip   * … [Read more...]

Apple Cinnamon Muffins

Today seemed like a good day to bake....  I went with Cinnamon and Apple.....   We got MUFFINS.... Everyone loves muffins. They are mini cakes, and who doesn't love cake?? Well my muffins are … [Read more...]