I LOVE ME…here’s 20 reasons WHY

I asked some of my female clients to participate in a personal challenge with me over the past week and although not everyone participated, those who did warmed my heart and reminded me that in a world where we are often told whether subconsciously or directly to not love yourself, it is in fact our duty to love ourself, all of ourselves, all of the time.


I asked for 10 physical and 10 non physical qualities that they loved about themselves, and these are some of the things they said…..

…My Bum

…My smile

…My freckles

…My honesty

…My bravery

…My hair

…My strong legs

…My curves

…I look exactly like my mother

…My clumsiness

…My generosity

…My eyes

…My bed head

…My skin

…I make Me time

…My sense of humour


I can only speak for women, as I am one. It is hard to not only think of qualities about yourself that you like, let alone LOVE, and then to share it verbally with others. I felt so inspired by these lists that I began writing my own, and in a bit of vulnerability I will share my lists with you…


1.My eyes, because they smile at people

  1. My hair, most days even when I don’t brush it it looks not half bad
  2. My bum, because it took me years to learn to appreciate the curves of a woman with a bit of a booty, and now that I have one lol I have learned to love it
  3. My arms, have been a body part that I have had pride in, because even baby muscles are something to be proud of as a woman who lifts, and even on a day where I feel bloated or yucky, I still like my arms
  4. My eyebrows, I have the same brows as my Momma. She told me when I was 13 not to pluck my brows as they were PERFECT! I plucked a bit but never overboard and to this day get complimented on the big brown brows, Thank you Momma
  5. My three moles on the left side of my nose…
  6. My rib tattoo, dedicated to my Mom, its the most beautiful thing on me
  7. My boobs, they are small enough that I don’t HAVE to wear a bra and I can jump and run and not be in pain:) Now ask me after children lol
  8. My skin tone, I can thank my Dad for the olive tone, we tan nicely us Gagnon’s
  9. My height, I can snuggle right up in an airplane seat, no problemo


  1. My open mind, I ( try my best to) never judge
  2. My sense of humour, life is too short not to laugh even at yourself
  3. My value on community. Having your circle of important people, be that family or friends I believe is the secret to life’s success and happiness
  4. My ability to see my wrong doing, and do my best to remedy it
  5. My love for animals…sometimes…often more than humans lol
  6. My style, even though my best friend often has to remind me I’m not 18 anymore I feel happy in a straight brim ball cap occasionally 😉
  7. My ability to forgive
  8. My ability to sleep…anywhere…anytime:)
  9. My brain
  10. My passion I have for my work

love myself

There, I shared….. I won’t lie it took me over a week to write this, these 20 simple lines…Over a week.

It’s so hard to step back from yourself for a moment and look at YOU. All of you, without judgment, just appreciation and admiration.


I’d LOVE …LOVE to hear your lists