Increasing Your Brain Power

Who doesn’t want to have a little more BRAIN POWER?!

I mean it’s probably near impossible to become any SMARTER than we already are;)

But here are some nutritious additions we can add to our everyday meals to boost the power of our brains.



Studies show that Indian adults who consume high levels of Tumeric in their diets were 4.4 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s than the same demographic.

It also has some powerful anti inflammatory abilities, which protect cell erosion, and fight against breaking down of the cell membrane



Rich in Polyphelonis, majority anthocyanins, proven to sharpen the speed of how the brain processes information.



Rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids this fruit is good for both your head and your heart.



Not only oranges but food rich in the color such as sweet potato, butternut squash, melons and oranges are shown to defend the brain cells against breaking down, causing stronger brain function as we age.



High in Vitamin B6 and Folate, which are two vitamins high on the list for brain function.Folate is responsible for the conversion of homocysteine, which is a byproduct of cellular metabolism, into methionine- another amino acid.


COFFEE: ( my heart is happy)

Yeah yeah it gets a bad rap, but coffee is linked to protective benefits such as stimulating the central nervous system and combating the decline of brain function.



Nuts ( other than Peanuts and Cashews) are high in vitamin E, which is essential in protecting the brain from age related damage.

That is all.

You’re welcome

🙂 Ky