Inflammation and why YOU need to fight it



Inflammation is how our body responds to stress. Stresses from food, lifestyle or environmental toxins. When we catch a cold for example our body responds with inflammation in the form of a fever,and in this case inflammation is helpful and not hazardous. The fever is working to eradicate the cold. The type of inflammation I want to discuss is one in which we need to do our best to remove completely as it is linked to life altering disease, such as MS, Cancer,Alzheimers, heart disease as well as skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne, arthritis and high blood pressure to name just a few.

The short term response due to the occasional cold is one thing, but when inflammation arises due to a constant stress on your system due most often to a toxicity in your food, or a food allergy you become more susceptible to disease.

Inflammation from food come fromlow-grade bacterial, viral, and fungal infections in the bloodstream and organs like the stomach and gastro-intestinal tract. There are currently FAR too many people still consuming toxic foods and therefore living in a state of inflammation which pulls them closer and closer to sickness and they don’t even know it.

Some other causes of inflammation include food sensitivities, an imbalance of bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract ( which causes your immune system to overreact to the bacteria, really with minimal to no noticeable symptoms). Stress is a HUGE one, psychological, physical and emotional stresses raise your cortisol ( our stress hormone) which creates inflammation as well as triggers weight gain. Environmental toxins from water, food sprays, air, some toxic metals such as mercury, as well as mentioned above dietary contributors. Too much fat and sugar, a lack of hydration, too much caffeine or inactivity and lack of sleep all create inflammation.


What can you do about it?


SLEEP : 7-9 hours a night

VITAMIN D: Get outside everyday

EXERCISE: Move your body everyday, whether just a brisk walk or yoga class or lifting session, move and sweat daily

OMEGA3’s : Eatsalmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines

FIBRE: Remove processed white grains and replace with whole grains and ensure that you are ingesting 20-40g of fibre everyday

VITAMIN E : Dark leafy greens are the best source of natural Vitamin E ( Kale, spinach,broccoli, and collard greens)

NUTS: Almonds and walnuts have incredible anti inflammatory vitamins and fibre agents

REMOVE DAIRY : Dairy is an inflammatory food, straight up. switch to almond coconut or Non GMO Soy

BEET IT: Incorporate beets as they are incredible sources of antioxidants

SPICE IT UP: Ginger and Tumeric are GODS in lowering inflammation, Garlic and onions as well

GET TESTED:Spend a bit of money and have a professional food allergy test done with your naturopath and discover which foods are causing YOU inflammation and discomfort in ways you may not even be aware of as they have become normal.


Here’s to your health and longevity.