Is YOUR Workout Routine Making You FAT?

Have you been going to the same gym for the past decade? On the same days? Seeing the same people? Doing the same thing?   Have you ever wondered why you aren’t getting the results you dream of? Maybe even wonder why you are…gaining weight ?   Well I am here to share with you why your current workout routine is making you fat.   Humans are creatures of habit, it’s bread into us, and if we don’t chose differently than we tend to just follow the heard. That herd is typically found spending hours upon hours on the same old cardio machines burning a quarter of the fat that you COULD be burning, in a quarter of the amount of time, if one just strayed a little from the herd. Your current workout routine is making you fat due to the lack of EPOC you are creating with the steady state traditional cardio and weight training. EPOC stands for Excessive Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption, which is an increase in oxygen intake after an intense interval style ( HIIT) workout. EPOC happens when your aerobic as well as anaerobic systems work 100% together, which helps create a metabolic spike.   With the steady state workout, your anaerobic pathway goes unused and therefore you are not pushing your body to the point EPOC, thusly not burning as many calories as you are capable of. With a HIIT workout, a true HIIT workout you are maxing your energy out in a shorter amount of time, using glycogen during the workout but fat post. The energy output in a HIIT workout increases the caloric burn for up to 38 hours post workout as opposed to the calorie burn of a steady state workout which fizzles almost immediately after the weights hit the racks.   Your current workout routine is making you fat, but it doesn’t have to anymore.   In as little as 12-18 minutes a day, you can completely turn your results around. You can build the dream body you have been slaving over for the past decade.   HIIT workout routines allow you to take your life back, and even begin building a better version of the one you already have. HIIT workout routines create the time we all desire to spend with the people we love, our family and friends. These workout routines are designed to get the absolute MOST out of the shortest amount of time. Who doesn’t like the sounds of that? If you could burn 9 times more fat from a significantly shorter training session, would you? OF COURSE YOU WOULD !!   No longer do you have to worry that you are wasting sacred time and energy on that boring old treadmill or elliptical. You don’t have to stand around waiting for the next machine in the circuit, heck you don’t even need a machine. HIIT workout routines are going to change your life, and better yet your body !! The next time we talk it will be in celebration of how tight and toned you are rather than how fat you are feeling. Get Excited, this workout routine just got serious!   Visit my HIIT website @ and for my 12 week downloadable FAT LOSS program using BodyRipped HIIT workouts with FOLLOW ALONG WORKOUTS visit and sign up NOW!!