Peanut Butter Cups QUATTRO Style

Ok…. I can say it….


I IMPRESS MYSELF…. this only happens occasionally….
and I’m usually alone…
no one to witness

( wait!!! that sounds bad lol…… never mind) but right now the dogs are looking at me while I dance around the kitchen…..looking at me like I’m a lunatic!!

Not that dancing in my house is out of the ordinary…. I just usually have a roommate to share the dog glares.

Ok….. Why am I so stoked on myself??

I made some shit… some good shit….

some totally completely GUILT FREE honestly HEALTHY high protein shit!

Peanut Butter Cups BABY!!!








Ok here’s how the magic happens.

*Now keep in mind the flavour I TASTE is due to the protein that I use…. if using a different protein I can not guarantee the same taste. I use MAGNUM QUATTRO Chocolate Love – I will have ordering info for you at the bottom of the blog-

1 scoop Chocolate QUATTRO

1 Tbsp All Natural Nut Butter
1 heaping tsp Natural Dark Cocoa
1/2 packet Stevia
Water to mix ( begin with 1 tsp, mixing while slowly adding more. You want a think runny texture.
1- Fill a paper muffin cup with half the mixed protein and freeze for 20-30 minutes
2- Take 1 tsp-1 Tbsp all natural NUT BUTTER of choice and spread over frozen mixture. Re chill for 10-15 min
3- Top with remaining chocolate and again chill until set.

This equals 1 protein serving and 1 fat serving.

PERFECT MID DAY SNACK or post workout meal with some oats or a banana!!