Pumpkin Truffles – Perfect for Fall


Welcome Fall 2014

It’s the season of chunky sweaters, wood fires, good movies, BULKING and everything PUMPKIN…

Am I right?!

Pumpkin Truffle

What You Need:

1/4C Organic Pumpkin Pure

5Tbsp Coconut Butter, melted

1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract

2Tbsp Organic Maple Syrup * I had a sugar free syrup that I used so your macros will be different if using real)

(Optional for rolling) Organic Cacao and or Chocolate Love MAGNUM QUATTRO ( Protein powder)

1.  Melt your Coconut Butter and add to the remaining ingredients ina bowl ( I used a food processor because I felt lazy)

2. Blend everything together and sit in the fridge for  20-30 minutes until its firms up enough to roll into truffle balls

3. Once out of fridge, simply roll into 6-8 truffle balls.

You can either enjoy them as is, or like I did roll in the cacao/ quattro mix.

Store in fridge ( I am unsure of the shelf life of these, I imagine a few days, but I also imagine you will eat them before that is a concern)


Protein :1g

Carb: 4g

Fat: 10g