Quattro Stuffed Crepes

So it’s been a long day and although a nice hot home cooked meal would have been amazing, my hanger wasn’t allowing the 45-60 minutes I’d have to wait.

So I had breakfast for dinner… And I’ve got to say.. I’m pretty happy about it.



(This is where typically I would insert the photo but for some reason I am unable to upload the crepe picture:(((


1/4C whole wheat flour ( You could also use spelt or rice or white, whatever you like)

1 egg

1/4 C chocolate Coconut milk + extra water for consitency

1 packet Stevia

In a food processor mix all ingredients until the consistency is runny.

Prepare crepe pan over medium heat with a light spreading of coconut oil.

Slowly pour the crepe mixture into heated pan, swirling pan around to make sure the mixture coveres the whole pan.

Cook 1-2 minutes and flip, continue anothe r1 minute of second side.


1/2C Light Cottage Cheese

1/2 scoop Vanilla Ice Cream Quattro ( Sold at Popeyes or Online www.hardmagnum.com)

1 packet stevia

splash vanilla


Macros for the crepe:

12 Pro / 26 Carb / 6 Fat

Macros for filling:

29 Pro / 3.5 Carb / 1 Fat