Raw Energy/ Protein Bars

Tucker and Bella ripped into a bag of these and devoured them… SO that must mean they are delicious right?! I mean dogs are super picky about what they eat, and Tucker for sure only eats the best he can get his mitts on…..

Raw energy bar

Kidding, but COREY on the other hand….. his words to me were ” These are unreal babe” So I am left to believe, that they indeed are delicious.

HIGH CALORIE, not for those just sitting at home doing NADDA, these babies are for the lifters and the runners and the DO-ERS!!!

1C Almond Butter (PB works too)

1/4C Raw Honey

1/2C Almond Milk

1.5C oats

2 Scoop MAGNUM Vanilla Ice Cream Quattro, although really any flavor is going to be DYNAMITE ( 20% OFF using code: Kyla20%Gagnon)

1/4-1/2C each Raisins, shredded Coconut , carob chips and nuts ( or your goodies of choice)


In a blender or food processor, blend 1C oats into flour

Combine all the dry ingredients in one bowl

In a separate bowl, mix all the wet ( I warmed the almond butter honey and almond milk before adding it to the dry)

Add wet to dry and mix WELL.

Fold into a 9X9 pan, press down firmly.

Cover and set in fridge 4-6 hours

This made 10 bars for us ( you could make 12) with a macro count of 

FAT 17g

CARB 27g

PRO 18g