Smores “Quattro” Cup (Featured in Women’s Health and Fitness AUS March 2016)

If you’ve been following me for some time you may have seen the delicious looking

PEANUT BUTTER PROTEIN CUP   I posted a while back. ( sadly the image was lost somewhere in tech land) I have been making this for years actually but just recently re posted it to my social media as well as this blog.  

  The past weekend was spend feeding my boyfriend 4 new creations of the FAMOUS QUATTRO PEANUT BUTTER CUP….

We will begin with MY personal favorite, SMORE’S QUATTRO CUP


1.5 Scoop Chocoalte Love Quatro (online @ Discount code below)

1 Tbsp Cacao

2 Tbsp Marshmellow fluff

1/2 Graham Cookie




The base is the same as the origional PB CUP

1. Mix Quattro + Cacao with 1-2 Tbsp water until you create a thick pudding.

2.Lightly grease a small round tuppaware container with coconut oil

3. Place 1/2 the mixture into the cup and place the Graham crakcer ontop, Freeze for 10-20 minutes

4. Add Marshmellow fluff to the top of the cookie and pour remaining QUATTRO pudding over the marshmellow.

5. Re-freeze another 20-30 minutes

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250 calories 45 g Pro 15g Carb 1.5g Fat


*Keep in mind you can also divide this whole mixture up into 2-3 smaller treats using mini muffin tins

Smore's Quattro Cup