The Key to My Heart – Acai Bowls

Have you ever been to Kona, Hawaii????
Have you ever been to basik acai in Kona????
When  I first was in Kona in 2010, I  stayed in a hotel that just happened to be located directly next to this incredible little ‘shack’ sitting on the top floor of a tree house looking building by the name of “basik acai”
My first visit was a ‘wing it’ sort of thing. I walked up the wooden stairs to 2 or 3 surfer style employees, whipping up these incredible bowls of what at the time I thought were frozen yogurt… later learned was the WONDER of ACAI.
**Check below for the health benefits of ACAI
The menu was about 7 options long, of ‘bowls’ with a very similar menu for smoothies as well. Choosing your orders is near impossible, especially with the pictures of the menu…. OMG HOW DO YOU CHOSE???!!
The moment I landed back in BC, my mission was to master the art of making my OWN ACAI BOWL….And so I researched….. and mastered it I DID!
What goes into your acai bowl is really up to you…  THIS is what I put in mine.
* Acai Pulp
* frozen blueberries
* banana
* Bee Pollen
* Hemp hearts
* Chia seeds
* Almond milk
* Raw Cacoa
*Coconut Palm sugar
Topped with:
*Homemade Granola Crunch (recipe to come)
*Sprinkle of each : bee pollen, raw cacoa and hemp hearts
Want the HOW TO’s on making YOUR own bowl of deliciousness?????
-Follow thawing instructions on your frozen acai pulp packaging
-Place in blender with aprox 1/2C frozen berries of choice + 1/2 banana
-Add in all of your extras ( I used 1Tbsp of each: chia, bee pollen, raw cacao, hemp hearts)
-Add a small amount of milk ( I used almond, feel free to use coconut, rice, soy, regular etc)
Thicker is better.. so don’t add too much!!!
* I calculated everything in this recipe and came out to a perfect mid day meal or start to your day with 
401 calories, 55g carbs, 11.5g pro, 12g fat ( GOOD FATS) 7g fibre and MORE antioxidants and numerous other health benefits all in one bowl*
Once blended, pour into your bowl and sprinkle your toppings of choice ( I used my fav granola, which I will post soon) and a sprinkle of each of the ‘extras’ plus a few slices of banana and a drizzle of the coconut palm sugar
( feel free to use honey or agave )
 Some info on my chosen ingredients:

In the same family as Honey or Agave, Coconut Palm Sugar is simply another natural sweetener available to us.
Coconut palm sugar is rated quite low on the GI list, actually much lower than Agave.
The calories are close to that of table sugar, but how our body reacts and digests it is a much healthier way.
Simply put these little babies provide you with multiple health benefits including but not limited to……
15 X the Magnesium levels to that of Broccoli
7 X the Vitamin C to that of oranges
6 X the Calcium to that of Milk
3 X the Antioxidants to that of Blueberries and
3 X the Iron to that of Spinach
Not to mention the improvements to ones cardiovascular health, internal inflammatory defence as well as prevention of blood clots.
Containing a high level of antioxidants and minerals including the highest dose of zinc, calcium copper and phosphorous, as well as the essential “FEEL GOOD NEUROTRANSMITTER” Serotonin.
Have you ever heard of PHA? It’s the MOLECULE OF JOY!!!! ( this is what makes chocolate a universal LOVE AFFAIR)
The only other food known to have this wonderful nutrient is BLUE GREEN ALGAE!!
MY PERSONAL FAVORITE REASON TO INCLUDE THIS GEM INTO YOUR DAILY LIFE>>>>> It is the best source of SULPHUR… Otherwise known as the “Beauty Mineral”
This bright yellow grain looking super food has SO MANY health benefits…. where to begin??
To start Bee Pollen holds a very high level of Lecithin, which greatly increases your fat metabolization.
It has been proven to improve digestion, prostate problems, eczema and psoriasis, insomnia, chronic fatigue, chronic bowel problems, arthritic pain, athletic performance, repetitive colds and flu’s, glandular problems, reproductive issues including impotence, infertility and loss of libido.
Bee Pollen has been shown to balance blood pressure, nervous systems, hormonal levels such as PMT and Menopause, as well as the prevention of pre mature aging and eliminating toxins from the body.