There is nothing to do right now… There is nothing to know

My yoga instructor this morning was one I had yet to meet, this wasn’t my usual class time and her face was new to me.

Her energy was fabulous. Calm, confident, light, loving, gentle and vibrant all at the same time.

This mornings class was a foundations and meditation, and although not the “workout” I was looking for, quite likely the class I needed.

Do you ever notice that? The things we often WANT aren’t necessarily what we NEED. In fact I think this is often the case.

As she walked us through our first, second third and fourth bouts of meditation she gently reminded us all that although our minds are on constant wander, and our brains never really turn off in fact at this moment…


A gentle reminder that in the moments you take for yourself in your day, whether its a 60 or 90 minute yoga practice, or workout or walk, or lunch with a friend, whatever it is that you are doing JUST FOR YOU at that moment there is NOTHING. Nothing except for what you are doing, RIGHT NOW.


Now I am new to meditation, and by no means a monk or preacher of how to, but what I am confident in and will share with you is that we multi task FAR TOO OFTEN as a society. We rarely IF EVER allow ourselves moments of quiet, moments of US time, moments where we aren’t thinking 10 steps ahead, or 10 steps back.

NOTHING can be done right at that moment, and so thinking and stewing about it does nothing but take us away from the NOW and likely spike our Cortisol levels with stress.

You’ve got time after whatever it is that you are doing RIGHT now, to think plan discuss create the things that creep into your quiet brain in YOUR MOMENTS.

You can do that all later…right now it’s YOU, it’s NOW and it’s IMPORTANT.

The whole multi tasking thing we do really doesn’t benefit anything or anyone in anyway.

We can NOT be amazing at multiple things at once, something will slip up. We can however focus our attention and passion into ONE important thing at a time and create an AMAZING outcome. This can be anything, a project at school or work, a dinner for a loved one, a drive to work ( worst time to multi task, you all know it, so stop it) It could be visiting with someone important, who deserves your full attention, it could be sitting with your child as they do their homework or tell you about their day at school. Maybe like myself, it is your yoga practice or workout…WHATEVER IT IS, it deserves your full attention and passion.

be in the moment, now

There will always be time to do the things that NEED to be done, but for right now, in this moment you’ve taken for yourself,


NAMASTE, drink water & Love