Yam Juice???

So Corey and I have been totally obsessing with our new juicer, making mostly green juices and red juices. Not because those are necessarily the best for you ( although they are fanatically jammed packed with a bunch of important micronutrients) But because we have a habit of repeating things we love.

Same restaurants, same trips, same meals etc


Last week Corey suggested juicing a Yam.

I wanted to sound supportive of him, but I just couldn’t see how this was going to turn out, or at least turn out to something we would actually enjoy.

So Corey took it upon himself to go ahead and juice a Yam. (For those of you who have already experimented with this and are sitting back thinking ok Kyla where have you been??) I don’t know where I’ve been lol

He called me around 8 pm the other night saying “ Hunny I made the yam juice, its really good!!!!”

So now I’m intrigued, and begin looking into yam juice, and finding A LOT of awesome blogs and recipes and articles about juicing yams.

yam juice

From a MICRONUTRIENT count, look at what a Yam brings to the table:   1 small yam ( 200g or 1 Cup) 6% RDA Vitamin A ( 276 IU) 14% RDA Thiamin ( .22mg) 28% RDA B6 (.58mg) 12% RDA Folate (46g) 58% RDA Vitamin C (34.2mg) 12% RDA Phosphorous (110mg) 46% DA Potassium (1632 mg) 40% RDA Manganese (.8mg)

The rest of Corey’s juice included 2 Carrots, with a Micronutrient count of:

660% RDA Vitamin A ( YES 660% … 33000 IU)

20% RDA Vitamin C (12mg)

18% RDA Potassium )640mg)

32% RDA Vitamin K (16.4mcg)

B6, Folate, Vitamin E, Thiamin, Manganese

1 Lemon:

88% RDA Vitamin C (53mg)

1 Orange

90% RDA Vitamin C (53.2mg)

Antioxidants through the roof

Vitamin A

Vitamin B complex, thiamin, potassium, calcium

1 Apple



Vitamin C


B complex

MACROS for this entire drink, as is, no changes:

90 Carb

0 Fat

3 P

The thing that Core does to make this EVEN BETTER, He adds in ONE SCOOP OF VANILLA PROTEIN ( MAGNUM OF COURSE 🙂 yam juice2 Changes the macros to : 94 g Carb ( 45 g Carb if we half it) 1g fat 33g Pro


Ladies, or those of us not requiring 90 g of carbs, just use half the yam and you’ve got the IDEAL post workout smoothie!!!!!

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